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How Do You Get That Pose? | Newborn Safety | MD/DC/VA Newborn Photographer

I am often asked how I capture certain poses with newborns and I always have the same answer with a huge emphasis on safety.  Thus I thought it would be helpful (and less redundant for me) to create a post to be able to link to when asked this question.  I’ve been advised against sharing knowledge for free but I choose to do so anyway because newborn safety is simply of utmost importance, and because once upon a time not too long ago someone shared their knowledge with me… actually quite a few “someones.” 😉   So today I am paying it forward for the sake of newborn safety in photography.  I certainly am not the first to share this information and I hope I’m not the last.  I also hope to reach even just one person contemplating these poses so that it will only be attempted SAFELY (there’s that word again!).

The poses I do of baby hanging in a sling, head resting on folded arms and head propped on elbows are mostly done as a composite of merging different photos together in Photoshop.  The clone tool is my best friend as well.  Now sometimes baby will be able to balance his or her head resting on arms folded under chin (see last photo example below) but even then mom or dad is mere inches away in case the baby’s head starts to lean.  Below are a couple of examples of before and afters with the first images being SOOC (straight out of camera) and the final image the end result processed to my style.

Notice that hands are on these babies in these poses at all times.  I don’t hang babies in the air or try to get them to balance in positions in which they could easily topple over and be injured.  Just the thought of a newborn injured makes my heart race.  Which brings me to my final thoughts…

If you are someone looking for a newborn photographer, PLEASE do your research.  And if you EVER feel uncomfortable with what a photographer (or anyone with a camera) is doing with your precious baby, speak up!  Baby’s safety is number 1.  Always.

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