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    My name is Tyler and I am a full-time wife, mother and photographer. I began my professional career in 1998 in sales and marketing, went on to receive my Master's Degree in Professional Counseling and later started my own photography business. My professional background, personal experience and creative talent provides me with a unique ability to capture your memories in a meaningful and artistic manner. I specialize in maternity, newborn, child and family photography and shoot in natural light on-location serving the Charlotte, Huntersville, Lake Norman, NC and surrounding areas. Sessions are relaxed and fun!

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Christmas Card Photos 2013 | Huntersville, NC Family Photographer

I have been thinking about where to do the kids’ pictures for our Christmas card this year and while I love the big Christmas tree backdrop I used in years past when we lived in Bethesda, MD, I wanted to do something that was more candid and showcased their personalities.  Yesterday was a beautiful afternoon, the kids had little homework for a change, and they’ve been excited to wear their new fancy clothes so we set out on our “mission” to the field across the street.  As soon as we got there they excitedly ran around and wouldn’t you know… my little boy stepped right in dog poop.  People who don’t clean up after their dogs make me irate but that is neither here no there for this post.  A photo session that started off in near tears quickly became fun for all.  I mean how funny is POOP to 4 and 5 year olds?!  I got so many great shots of my kids being themselves and really love them all.  It was hard to narrow down which ones I would process and even harder to pick what would be on the Christmas card… there will be a lot this year!  I normally don’t think about Christmas before Thanksgiving is over but this year I can’t wait for all of the festivities of both holidays!   Without further ado here are my not-so-little-anymore Littles!  I hope they make you smile. 🙂

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From Summer to Halloween! | Huntersville, NC Child Photographer

I can’t believe how fast time continues to fly.  It seems like yesterday that we moved here when it’s really been 4 months!  I thought I would update with some photos capturing the past months.

We had an awesome summer.  We live just a short walk from the pool and there we made fast friends with other wonderful families from the neighborhood. So much fun!

The kids started school in early August.  We were able to get them into the same school and both go full time so the latter end of the summer was school until 2:30, then homework followed by the pool with friends.

This series of their first day of school shots includes a blooper where they backed up against the door which wasn’t all the way closed.  Whoops! 🙂

We were in Seabrook, SC for fall break where we visited a pumpkin patch with the family (those pics may be viewed HERE).  We also spent time on the beach and in Charleston and really had a wonderful vacation.

Here my husband caught a funny pic of me attempting to do yoga on the beach with my kids.  Instead of doing wheel pose with me as I intended, my little boy used me as a tent and my daughter ran circles around us.  LOL!

My son also caught more fish off of MiMi and PaPa’s pier.  It’s amazing what a great and patient fisherman he is at the age of 4!  Here he caught a pin fish.

Finally last Thursday was Halloween!  A great time was had by all with dressing up and dinner and trick-or-treating around the neighborhood with friends.

Already so many fun memories and I look forward to many more!  Next up is Thanksgiving and we are really looking forward to seeing family up in MD.


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Fall Break in Seabrook Meets the Pumpkin Patch | Charlotte, NC Child Photographer

It is hard to believe that my kids have been in school for 2 months already and we’ve had our first break for the year!  After much contemplation and debate we decided that rather than me working at all by visiting Chicago (like I’ve done in past years) or back up to MD, we would go as a family down to Seabrook, SC and enjoy a little vacation.  We had such a great time from days on the beach to time with family and friends to some alone time (gasp!) for the husband and me in downtown Charleston.  One of my favorite parts of visiting Seabrook, though, is watching my kids with their triplet cousins.  Here are some of my favorite photos from our visit to the pumpkin patch our first morning in town.  This time I dusted off the camera and brought it out for some real captures and I’m so glad I did! 🙂

I feel refreshed from my hiatus and am enjoying shooting again so you may start seeing more from me again… we’ll see!

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Full Circle | Huntersville, NC Family Photographer

Back in June I posted to the Tyler Plank Photography facebook page sneak peeks from my final 3 sessions in the DC area before relocating to Charlotte, NC.  However, I never got around to updating the blog!  So instead of a sneak peek here I am featuring the images my clients purchased as their favorites (and they are my faves too!)

First up is the T family.  This was my second time photographing them and one of Miss H’s images was also the winner of the 2012 Tyler Plank Photography image of the year contest.  We chose to do their session at Brookside Gardens again… one of the first locations I found and fell in love with when I first moved to MD.  This family is too adorable, it was great to see them all again.  They too have relocated and mom happens to be from Charlotte!  Small world!

Next I went out to this family’s home again for O’s one year photos.  I last photographed them in their home and at their local park for their maternity session.  It was so great to see them again and finally meet their little man!  I loved photographing them in the same settings, so natural. 🙂

My final session was with Mr. S and his family.  I’ve been photographing them since S was a newborn and he was actually the very first newborn I photographed in my studio after I relocated to Bethesda, MD from Birmingham, AL.  It wasn’t planned but it was in the stars that he would also be my final session before relocating again.  We met up at the Washington Harbour (also a place where my family and I loved to spend time).  After getting some good candid and family shots I suggested they roll up their jeans, run through the fountains and get WET. 🙂  They were game and It was SO much fun!  This family will always be special to me.

I sincerely thank all of my DC area clients.  It was such an honor to grow to know and photograph you all! <3

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Tap Tap Tap… Does This Thing Still Work? | Huntersville, NC Child Photographer

WOW!  It has now been over 2 months since we moved from Bethesda, MD to Charlotte, NC and the dust has finally begun to settle.   From tying up my business in MD (final sneak peeks that are no longer sneak peeks still to come),  buying our home in Huntersville (in which we closed on while we were on our annual Seabrook friends vacation- another post/slideshow to come)… finding the right school for the kids and them starting in EARLY August (yet another update I will record here- whew!)…  to deepening my personal journey through yoga, meditation and putting all of my focus into my family and being present in the moment.  All of those factors and more led me to the decision to step away from photography, even on a personal level, and thus my blogging has been put on hold.  I LOVE photography but the thing is photography takes so. much. TIME.  From taking the pics, to downloading to culling to processing to uploading to blogging etc etc.  It gets exhausting and did I mention the TIME?  Time away from all of the above… vacation time, family time, me time… this list goes on.

However, I realized this past weekend while we were vacationing with family over Labor Day weekend (the first time going on vacation that I didn’t even bring my camera) that I need to keep photography up at least for myself and my family.  I am still at a crossroads with whether I will keep it up as a business but this is the medium I chose to imprint our memories.  This morning it dawned on me how many memories I am not recording here.  Sure I have my personal facebook account and my iphone but I am not one to be organized unless it’s in a blog. I love scrolling through old posts, seeing how much my family, friends, clients and I have grown… not just physically but for myself and family also emotionally and spiritually (more on that later).  Hence the decision has been made and I am back to blogging starting this morning!  So first up and LONG overdue is my little boy’s 4th birthday party back in April!

For my son’s 4th birthday he wanted to have his party at My Gym in Bethesda.  We invited classmates and family and we all had a ball and many laughs.  The words I use to describe my little boy would be funny, loving, argumentative and temperamental (wonder where he gets that from), concerned and talkative.  At this age he and his sister are best friends and listening to their conversations is one of my favorite past times. Some of my favorites:

One my husband told me about, but I can totally picture it:

Him: “Hey, who’s that guy that made everything?”

Her: “You mean God?”

Him: “Oh yeah.”

and another one as I was driving them home after school:

Him: “Hey I saw you at lunch today, did you see me?”

Her: “Yes I waved, did you see me?”

Him: “Oh yeah I saw you.”

I could go on and on and on.  I just love him and his colorful little personality to pieces and watching him grow over the years is such a privilege.  Here are the memories from our day set to music in slideshow format.  This format degrades the quality of the images but everyone who knows me and who has hired me to photograph their family knows I still love a slideshow!

And because I love “Then & Now” comparisons here is one of him as a 9 month old baby compared to him on his 4th birthday.  <3

So it’s official that I am back to blogging on a personal level and whether I continue on a professional level remains to be seen.  One thing I am sure of is that my needs and those of my family will come first and the rest will fall in line as God intends. 🙂

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